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Ack! It has just come to my attention that Omnipresent Man is a Protestant Reformation allegory of the eucharist!

From The Age of Reform 1250 - 1550: An Intellectual and Religious of Late Medieval and Reformation Europe (page 336) by Steven Ozment:

"Luther...argued that Christ's body possessed the qualify of ubiquity, or omnipresence, by virtue of which it was able to be in more than one place at the same time. Luther arrived at this conclusion by way of his peculiar belief in the communicatio idiomatum, the hallmark of Lutheran Christology, which Calvinists still attack today....According to this doctrine, the properties of Christ's divine nature, among them ubiquity, were also characteristic of his human nature; Christ's divine nature could bear his human qualities and his human nature his divine qualities. Hence, Luther argued, wherever Christ was spiritually present, he could also be corporally present; the partaker of the Eucharist received the one, whole, crucified and rise Christ."

It's official: you're scaring me, Scott.


July 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDeborah909

Someone should make a comic about persons who comment on this comic strip.

First, it is very important that the comic be about the persons commenting on THIS strip, because if it were a comic about those who comment on Youtube, it would descend into farcical self-parody in the very first strip.

Secondly, there would be about five main characters or so, and every comic format would be like this:

First, it shows a comic. It could be a fictional comic or the actual Basic Instructions comic.
Then, the main body of the comic is illustrations depicting the characters who comment and respond one to another.

The reason this, I think, would work, is because of all the brilliant comments!

First, there were about fifteen or so comments on this strip, ALL indicating that there was a typographical error.

Then, one guy near the bottom of the first page says, "I wish someone would point out if there are any grammatical errors."

That is funny enough, but responses bouncing back and forth, all illustrated?
That would be fantastic!

April 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAtarii
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