How to Wallow in Unbridled Hedonism

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I laugh and cringe, knowing full well that this has most likely happened in real life. Reminds me of my friends.

October 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSteven M.

Sooo funny! you wild and crazy guys!! :)

October 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commentercheryl

would love to see new rick in his southern gentle man suit, aka col. sanders. mmmmm, mint julips.

October 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjames yeamans

@csrster: Your spellcheck rejects sleighted because it isn't a word. I believe that you have conflated sleight (of hand) and slighted (the word that you were looking for).

October 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSoul of Wit

OMFG i laugh so hard at your comics. the art the words its all just so epically amazing.

October 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDarkvision

This is one of the funniest comics here, and it is; for shure, the one with the best title

November 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCornh

After careful examination of the handprint, I conclude that it shows the 4 fingers of a right hand thumb down at about eye level. Thus it was Rick, with the hot sauce, in the Monopoly room...

November 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDanno

I love "annoyed Scott's" face. It is AWESOME!!!!!

January 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterG

We need a sequel. How to hide that you wallowed in unbridled hedonism from your spouse/parents.
P.S. how did you get the stains out

September 9, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMe
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