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Have you see someone wearing Basic Instructions gear? Or do you have a strip taped up to the cubicle wall? If so, we’d love to see it. Drop us an email with your picture and we’ll put it up!

This fearsome rendering of the grim and terrible Snake Ape in the medium of balloon-animal-balloons was crafted by the hands of one James “The Amazing Christopher” Wiske. He's a balloon twister / magician / first name collector, in Tulsa, OK.

This one was sent to me separately by the wielder of the knowledge plank and his victim! The one holding the two-by-four included this note: “I am a member and instructor at TechShop Durham, a hi-tech workshop space in Durham NC. We took time out at our first membership meeting and potluck for some hilarity.” Needless to say, I want one of those two-by-fours!!

Reader Matt says ”I learned about your strip while visiting the FAA Regional Office in Anchorage, Alaska. Plastic envelopes containing current and past copies of Basic Instructions are taped to the wall in the men’s restroom, and also taped inside the stall doors. The past installments in the envelopes allowed me to share the strip with friends and family.” Finally a use of tax dollars I can get behind.

Reader Michael: “Here are comic on the wall in my cubicle. 2 things that brighten up my day. Basic Instructions and titties.” High Praise indeed!

Here’s another cubicle wall from a reader named Kenny.

Eric writes “My 2yo nephew loves your book — although he is two, unable to read and French speaking.”

Parry sent photos of himself performing with his band while wearing a shirt that is the last word in elegance. I like how in the last photo it looks like the shirt is holding the guitar.

A while back, a strip discussed how to share a favorite TV show with a friend. The TV show used as an example was “Ace of Cakes”. Shortly after the strip ran online, Mary Alice from Charm City Cakes contacted Scott to let him know that they loved the strip. And ever since then, you can occasionally catch a glimpse of where they taped the strip up on a pillar inside the bakery. Awesome!

Reader Jeremy from Baton Rouge says: “Here is a picture of the Basic Instructions comic that brightens up my work nook everyday.” Indeed, Jug Band can bring joy to anyone’s life. But I think the nook-brightening is helped by other awesomeness like Domo figurines, a tiki head pen cup, Riddler Pez, and that classic The Blob movie poster. Nice cube, Jeremy!

Reader Amy from Fort Worth has a work area full of fantasticness — just what we’d expect from a graphic artist. But while the desk is busy with cluttery fun, the desktop is a work of simplicity.

(P.S. Amy, could you put up a couple more pictures of cats? Our giant tabby says there aren’t quite enough.)