The Return of Rocket Hat!

Sorry this post is a little late. I had a detail I wanted to nail down before I made any statements on the continuation of the Rocket Hat saga.

It seems many of you feel there's more meat left on the Rocket Hat bone, as it were. I agree. I hadn't done any more strips dealing with him and the Moon Men because my friend Ray Freisen and I were quietly attempting to spin him off into a totally separate title. The idea was that I would write and draw an installment, leaving it in a cliff hanger, then he'd pick up the thread, resolve my cliff hanger and leave it in a different cliff hanger. Then we'd alternate like that until one of us said "uncle."

We turned out one installment each, then decided the project didn't have a future, so I have Rocket Hat and the Moon Men to play with again! My installment of the spin-off will be in my second book. His installment will be made available somehow around the same time. as for the Emperor's hair, I think I'll keep it long for now. We'll see what happens.

I do intend to make a Moon Man logo shirt. It's on the to do list.

Speaking of shirts, I'm considering bringing back the Infini-Tee briefly for Christmas. I'm thinking I may do a limited number of them for one month (November?) if there's enough interest. I want to make sure I can deliver all orders before Christmas. if anyone has any better ideas, or suggestions, I'm listening.

To answer a recurring question, Frankenstien's monster in my strip is a very talented guy I know named Rodney Sherwood, who has turned up as a mechanic, and in a few other places I believe.

Why I'm smiling

A week or three ago, I mentioned that I was happy, but could not say why. Here's why.

Today I finalized the contract to make my second book with Dark Horse. It should come out this time next year.

In a way, I'm more thrilled about this book than the first one. If I only made one book I'd have always felt like it was a fluke. Now that they want a second, it's at the very least twice the fluke.

This wouldn't have happened if you all hadn't been so supportive of the first book. I hope you know I appreciate it.

It almost feels like cheating.

Several readers have asked how it would even occur to me that one could hold a dog's hind legs like a wheelbarrow and kick it in the genitalia. Sadly, this concept was drawn, to some small extent, from my life.

I was at work, in an area we Disney cast members would refer to as "backstage." I was doing my job while two cast members from a different department were talking. I wasn't listening to them, but one of them said the following, and this is a direct quote:

"So, I grab the pit bull by its hind legs like a wheelbarrow, and I'm kicking it in the nuts as hard as I can. Just kicking and kicking."

Next time I need to get someone's attention, I plan to just say that. I think it'd be impossible to ignore.

Anyway, the full story is that he was at a park (let me clarify this point. It was a public park, NOT a Disney park) and there was a goose wandering around. Apparently, someone's pit bull got loose and started attempting to kill and eat the goose right there in the park, "with kids watching."

That's when my co-worker sprang into action. The children in attendance learned many lasting lessons about life that day.

So when I decided to make a strip out of the story, I changed "pit bull" to "Doberman" because vicious pit bulls seemed like a lazy cliché (yes, reality is prone to lazy clichés just like everyone else). I made the dog he was defending a smaller dog because a goose just raised questions. I replaced "nuts" with "junk" because junk is funnier.

For those interested in my phone situation, I wrote this post on my T-Mobile G1, running the Google Android operating system, and I LOVE IT! If any of you have been considering an Android phone and want to ask a question of someone who's been using one for a few weeks, drop me a line.

Life imitates ... well ... whatever it is that I do.

I’ve added some new sightings to the sightings page, including this little hunk of awesome.

On an unrelated note, I might mention that if you enjoyed the interview that I linked to yesterday, you could consider following the interviewer, Nathan Gibson on Twitter. His twitter name is “DABRB”

A few quick notes

I did a fairly lengthy interview recently. It can be read at the "Do a Barrel Roll" blog.

I have a few new "Sightings" that are going to be posted really soon.

If you ordered a custom avatar and sent me your picture (longer ago than the last 72 hours) and have not yet recieved your avatar, please drop me a line at

I gave blood today. I think I disturbed the phlebotomist when I refered to the end result as a "Warm bag full of me."

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