I don't enjoy reruns any more than you do.

Sorry for the rerun today. Had out of town guests and am cranking on the book. There’ll be fresh material on Sunday night/Monday morning.

Here’s my plan for the next few months:

September-Finish Second Book (It’s going well, btw!)

Early October-A little surprise for Halloween

Late October/November-Holiday Infini-Tees.

Do all of this without disruption to the comic’s posting schedule.

Speaking of shirts, two new shirts are available in my store. One’s about laziness, the other’s about environmentalism. I hope you like them.

Two things that need to be said.

Those of you who catch my mistakes and point them out to me are doing me a favor, and you've all been unfailingly polite about it since I mentioned it a week or two ago. Thank you all. I appreciate it.

When I made that post, I resolved to see how many strips in a row I could post without any need for correction. As of today my record stands (I shit you not) at ZERO!!! EVERY SINGLE STRIP I'VE POSTED SINCE THEN HAS HAD AT LEAST ONE TYPO, OFTEN MORE!!!!

I'm not what you'd call "smart."

Well, if that doesn’t get some hate mail, nothing will

Just to clarify my position, I have not read Twilight, and if you read the strip carefully, you’ll see that I make no commentary on its quality as a book. I am just offended at the idea that the “vampires” in the book have almost none of the characteristics of a vampire.

I have no problem with reinventing something that has been around a long time and is a bit tired. Heck, I was a huge fan of the most recent Star Trek movie, and I’m one of the three Americans who actually want a new movie for the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I just think that if you change too much you’re not reinventing, you’re creating something new, which is fine (better, in fact) but don’t name your creation after something it’s not.

What if I set out to make a new Superman story. My superman can’t fly, doesn’t wear a cape, has MRI vision that allows him to see through you in slices, is from a distant city called Kryptoberg, and isn’t hurt by Kryptonite, but it makes him vibrate in a way that makes him uncomfortable, so he avoids it. Would that be acceptable? Sadly, with some readers, if I had him dreamy and emo (a combination I call “dreamo”) enough I think it might.

I’ve heard the differences between Twilight’s vampires and classic vampires explained by the fact that the author is religious, and has never read any other stories about vampires or seen any R-rated vampire movies, which is most of them. This left her creatively free to make vampires the way she felt they should be. Reminds me vaguely of something I once saw on BBC America.


A commenter asked why I have so many grammar sticklers reading my strip. I fear they come to me for the same reason birds tend to flock to old men sitting on park benches with loaves of stale bread in their hands.

I make more grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors than I should. I don’t want to give the false impression that I don’t care about these things. It pains me when a mistake goes out with my name on it. I try to write comics correctly in the first place. I write lines the way I think people would actually say them, so there are occasional “deliberate errors,” but those things aside I try to stick to “the rules.” Then I run spell-check. Then I read over it again. Then I have Missy look at it. Then, when time comes to post the comic or send it to the newspapers, I look it over again. Then I either send it to the papers (whose editors look at it) or post it.

Then a commenter points out a mistake, and I curse very loudly.

I’m not angry at those who point out these errors (though there have been times that a few have been less than pleasant about it. I did come close to sending one an e-mail recently inviting them to go read something else), I’m angry at myself for making the errors in the first place. Those pointing out my error are, in fact, helping me. And, frustrating though it is, if they catch the error early, I can correct it faster, meaning fewer people are subjected to my numbskullery.

I guess what I’m saying is, thanks for pointing out my punctuation and grammar errors, but please be polite about it. I’m subjecting the comics to extra scrutiny, and reading “Eats, Shoots & Leaves.” Hopefully you’ll have fewer mistakes to point out in the future.

On a more pleasant note, someone asked if they could use a line of my text for their signature file. The answer is, “Please do so immediately!” As long as I’m credited as having written it, you’re doing me a favor. One of my life goals is to turn up in Bartlett’s, or some other book of quotations, and this kind of thing won’t hurt.

Enough with the monsters already!

I'm done with the monsters. ... For now. ... I think.

The Moon Men logo shirts are up at my store. I say "shirts" because there are two designs. The "small logo over the heart, like in the strip" model, and the "great big logo in the middle of the chest like Batman" version.

On a more personal note, if you ever wonder what kind of guy Scott Adams is, read this article, then reflect on the fact that the time period when his voice was at its worst and things seemed most hopeless was when he decided to help yours truly, simply because he could.

Something to think about.

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